Potentiostat Electrochemistry

A potentiostat is a device that controls the potential between a pair of electrodes while measuring the resulting current flow. In electrochemistry, potentiostat are used for fundamental studies of electrode processes, analytical chemistry, battery research, the synthesis of chemicals, and corrosion research. A potentiostat requires an electrochemical cell with three electrodes. The working Electrode is the electrode where the potential is controlled and where the current is measured. Reference Electrode is used to measure the Working Electrode potential. The Counter, or Auxiliary, Electrode is a conductor that completes the cell circuit. Some potentiostats can be operated as galvanostats. In this case the current flow is controlled while the potential is monitored. Biopotentiostat system features a reference and auxiliary electrode, and two working electrodes, whose potentials can be independently adjusted while the current flowing through them is monitored. potentiostats are often used in 'electrochemical nose' systems.  

  • Working Electrode
  • Reference Electrode
  • Counter (Auxiliary) Electrode
  • 2-electrode Potentiostats
  • 3-electrode Potentiostats
  • 4-electrode Potentiostats
  • Bipotentiostats
  • Galvanostats

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